MetaMask Songbird Network Wallets

Securely creating a new Songbird crypto wallet using MetaMask

What will be covered in this post?

This post will walk you through step by step how to create a new Songbird wallet using MetaMask. Setting up a new Songbird wallet in MetaMask seems to be a question many people have, so hopefully, this post helps answer this question. Unfortunately, it seems that lots of people have given up on figuring out how to accomplish this and are importing their Ledger Nano seed phrase into MetaMask, which I advise against doing.


I would recommend against importing/copying your seed phrase from another Songbird wallet such as Bifrost or your Ledger Nano into MetaMask. For security reasons, the fewer places your seed phrases exist for your different wallets, the better. I recommend having a separate dedicated Songbird wallet in the Bifrost or Ledger Nano and a separate dedicated MetaMask Songbird wallet. At the time of writing this the Bifrost wallet seems to be the most reliable mobile wallet that supports the Songbird token. In the future, this may no longer be the case, and there could be more wallets supporting the Songbird token.

Where can you purchase Songbird tokens if you didn’t get the airdrop?

Songbird tokens can be purchased on the Bitrue exchange here.

Downloading and Installing MetaMask

To use MetaMask you will need to install the MetaMask extension for a supporting browser.

I will not be doing a guided walk through of installing MetaMask. Once you install the MetaMask extension they do a good job of walking you through getting it setup correctly.

If you are using the Chrome browser, you can add the MetaMask wallet extension at the link here: Chrome MetaMask wallet extension

If you are using the Firefox browser, you can add the MetaMask wallet extension at the link here: Firefox MetaMask wallet extension

After you have downloaded and set up the MetaMask wallet in your preferred browser, you should now see a small fox icon in your upper right-hand corner of the browser. See the image below.

MetaMask wallet browser extension
MetaMask wallet browser extension

Next, click on the MetaMask icon. You should then see a screen similar to the one below.

MetaMask wallet main screen
MetaMask wallet main screen

Adding Songbird network to MetaMask

Since we will not be working on the Ethereum Mainnet and will be using the Songbird network, we need to add a new network to MetaMask. To do this, you will click the circle image at the top right-hand corner of MetaMask. Note your image may be a different color. Once you have clicked on the image, you should see a screen similar to the one below.

MetaMask options screen

Next, you will select the Settings menu item at the bottom of the menu. Once you are on the Settings screen pictured below, scroll down until you see the Networks menu item and click Networks.

MetaMask settings screen

Now click the Add Network button seen in the screen below.

Networks screen
Network list screen

You should then see the Networks settings screen below.

New Network screen
New Network screen

You will now fill in the Network form with the following information:

Network Name: Songbird


Chain ID: 19

Currency Symbol: SGB

Block Explorer URL:

After you have filled in the Network form with the information above, you can click the Save button. You have now added the Songbird network to MetaMask. You should now see a screen like the one below.

New Songbird network
New Songbird network

Next, you will create a new Songbird wallet address in the Songbird network.

Creating a new Songbird wallet address

To create a new Songbird wallet, you will click the circle image in the upper right-hand corner of MetaMask. You will then see the screen below.

MetaMask options screen

You will next click the Create Account option. The screen below will then appear. Note disregard the Account 3 placeholder. The account number placeholder will be different depending on how many accounts you have already created in MetaMask.

New Songbird wallet form
New Songbird wallet form

In the Account Name field, enter SGB. Note that you can give your account any name in this example we are using SGB. See the example below.

Naming your Songbird wallet
Naming your Songbird wallet

After you have given your Songbird wallet a name, you can click the Create button. After you have created your new Songbird wallet, you should see the screen pictured below.

New MetaMask Songbird wallet
New MetaMask Songbird wallet

Now that you have a new Songbird MetaMask wallet, you can fund the wallet from an outside source. You can send Songbird to this wallet from a BiFrost wallet or any exchange that supports the Songbird token. To get your new Songbird wallet address, you can click the partial address below the Account Name you gave your wallet. See the example below.

Copying Songbird wallet address
Copying Songbird wallet address

You will now use the address you copied and send Songbird tokens from another wallet or exchange to your MetaMask Songbird address.

After you have funded your MetaMask Songbird wallet, you should have some amount of Songbird tokens in your wallet. In my example below, I sent 2 SGB tokens from my Bifrost Songbird wallet to my MetaMask Songbird wallet. See the example below.

Received 2 SGB tokens from my Bifrost wallet
Received 2 SGB tokens from my Bifrost wallet

That completes all the steps needed to send Songbirds tokens from another wallet or exchange to a MetaMask Songbird wallet.

Other Resources

Bifrost Wallet

If you don’t already have the Bifrost wallet you can download the iOS and Android version here.

Where to purchase Songbird

Bitrue exchange


In this tutorial we covered the following topics:

  • Installing MetaMask for Chrome or Firefox
  • Adding the Songbird network to MetaMask
  • Creating a new Songbird Wallet address in MetaMask
  • Options for funding your MetaMask Songbird wallet

Feel free to add a comment to this post if you have any questions or feel that any of the steps outlined need to be clarified.

The goal for all posts on is to give easy-to-follow-walk-throughs/tutorials on accomplishing specific technical blockchain-related tasks.

Another post that may interest you that will be published soon is How to create your own token on the Songbird Network using Remix